FraudBlock – Shopify Fraud Prevention App

Automatically cancel high-risk orders and prevent Shopify fraud.

FraudBlock is a Shopify fraud prevention app that saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent Shopify orders – automatically. We automatically cancel ‘high-risk’ orders, send a cancellation confirmation to the customer (optional), restock the inventory, and refund/void the customer’s payment (if any). Save time by not having to manually comb through orders in your Shopify admin dashboard.

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Automatically deal with Shopify fraud

FraudBlock saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent Shopify orders by automatically cancelling high-risk orders.

Re-stock inventory

Whenever a high-risk order is canceled, FraudBlock restocks the items from that order for you.

Automatic Shopify refunds

FraudBlock automatically refunds/voids the customer’s payment (if a payment was made).

No hidden charges. Choose your plan.

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For merchants processing up to 30 orders per month.


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For merchants processing up to 200 orders per month.


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For merchants processing up to 500 orders per month.


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For merchants processing more than 500 orders per month.


Benefits of FraudBlock’s Shopify Fraud Prevention App

 Fully Automated

Fraudblock works autonomously 24/7 meaning you don’t need to manually worry about fraud prevention on Shopify whether it’s day or night.

 Automatic Restock

Fraudulent orders on Shopify are automatically cancelled and restocked on your storefront allowing for your inventory levels to remain well-managed with little time consumption.

 Easy to Install

As with all our Shopify apps, Fraudblock is quick and simple to install. You’re storefront and business will be protected from fraud in just a few short clicks.

 Support Available

All plans have easily accessible support to assist with any issues or questions you may have regarding fraud prevention on Shopify.

 Highly Rated

Fraudblock from ShopFox has received dozens of 5 star reviews on Shopify and has helped many merchants prevent fraud and chargebacks on their storefronts.

 Plans to Suit You

Fraudblock has a selection of plans to suit your Shopify fraud prevention needs depending on the size of your store. There’s even a free plan available for stores with less than 30 monthly orders.

Cancels and refunds fraud risk orders automatically. This app is extremely helpful and very easy to use.

Zen Principle Naturals

This is a really great and simple app. It has the ability to cancel and refund orders automatically, which can save you a significant amount of time and money.

Gamer Hats

Wow, simply wow! This app can prevent you from fraud. It cancels the order after the order is done & PREVENTS THE CUSTOMERS PAYMENT so you don’t pay the payment provider fees.


Orders from potential fraudsters are automatically cancelled and refunded. The app is great! The support is always available and very helpful. We are now very well protected against fraudsters and annoying chargebacks.


Great app for your Fraud detection workflow. It cancels all high-risk orders and refunds fraudulent payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FraudBlock?

FraudBlock automatically cancels high-risk fraudulent Shopify orders and prevents fulfilling them. Save time by not having to manually comb through orders in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Why do I need a Shopify fraud prevention app?

While Shopify automatically flags high-risk orders for you, it doesn’t cancel them – you still have to go through your list of orders manually to find and cancel the ones flagged as ‘high risk’. FraudBlock takes care of these fraudulent Shopify orders for you – automatically.

How does FraudBlock work?

Whenever you receive a new order, we check it based on Shopify’s fraud analysis. If it’s a high risk-order, we automatically cancel it, refund/void the payment (if any), restock your inventory, and email a cancellation confirmation to you and the customer (optional).

What's the difference between the free and paid plan?

Our free plan is meant for shops with fewer than 30 orders per month. If you deal with a larger order volume, you’ll need to upgrade to the appropriate plan after your free trial has ended.

How accurate is the fraud prevention app?

FraudBlock uses many signals to determine if an order is fraudulent or “high-risk”. Using the given data points, we’re confident to say that FraudBlock is effective against almost all fraudulent Shopify orders.

Can FraudBlock notify me or a customer?

The app has optional settings to send cancellation confirmation emails to the customer and cancellation notices to the store owners, which you can toggle on and off in the app settings.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Payments are handled by Shopify, so you don’t need to enter new payment details, but can simply approve the charge in Shopify once the fraud prevention app is installed.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, all of our plans Shopify fraud prevention plans are “month-to-month”, meaning that you can cancel your subscription to FraudBlock at any time. To do so, please click here.

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