Smart Price Match Popup

Win back customers who are about to buy elsewhere.

Show a message to customers who select/highlight your product’s title to shop around. Keep them on your store and convince them to buy from you!

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Convert those about to leave

Convince shoppers who are about to leave to buy from you, but don’t reveal to everyone that you offer price matching.

Engage with those ready to buy

Customers selecting your product titles have a strong buying intent. Let them know how to contact you to close the deal.

Offer coupon codes

If you don’t want to communicate with buyers directly, you can offer them a coupon code within the popup before they leave your store

Why Smart Price Match Popup?

Before hitting the “Buy now” button, customer will often price shop to see if your product is available for less somewhere else. To do this, most visitors select/highlight your product title or your SKU in order to copy them to Google or a price comparison site. Smart Price Match Popup allows you to capture your customers’ attention right in this moment and convince them that they should buy from you.

The content and design of the popup is completely customizable – you can ask customers to call or email you, or directly add a coupon code into the popup that brings your product’s price down to that of your competitors.

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