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People who read negative online evaluations can have a variety of emotions. As customers, we can learn about a product’s quality or a store’s customer service by reading bad evaluations. We dread them as business owners because they have the ability to influence potential clients. 

However, things aren’t as black and white as they appear. A single poor review isn’t enough to turn off a potential consumer. That is, if everything is done properly. It’s something that every business needs to deal with at some point. Keep reading to learn how to deal with negative Shopify reviews and manage your online reputation.

Why are Negative Shopify Reviews Important?

Let’s look at why bad online reviews are so crucial before we look at how to address them. Your website will benefit from online reviews in terms of SEO. Google is a huge fan of new content. Google’s web crawlers will take your website’s steady flow of new reviews into account when ranking it for its most significant keywords.

Social proof is provided through online reviews. Your Shopify store will undoubtedly attempt to persuade potential clients of the benefits of your offerings. The average shopper, on the other hand, is wary of this. For confirmation of quality and judgments on items and services, they will turn to online reviews. It is recommended that you have these reviews directly on your website as an online store. Give your customers no reason to leave your store!

Authenticity of Negative Shopify Reviews

Negative reviews are a nightmare for any online store. But don’t worry as there are a few easy ways to avoid them.

All customer reviews associated with a real order that are neither illegal or in violation of the terms of service are published by reputable review providers. This implies that there may be some criticism – whether justified or not. There is some good news, though: bad reviews are significantly less common than many retailers anticipate.

As a result, Shopify retailers discovered that the majority of reviews are good. Receiving only good reviews, on the other hand isn’t ideal, especially if you’ve already got a large number of them. The presence of just positive reviews gives the sense that they are untrustworthy.

A few negative reviews may actually assist your business in avoiding some issues. Your customers will obtain a more accurate description of your product if an authentic product review brings out some of the significant negative qualities of a certain item.

Tips for Avoiding Negative Reviews

Now that we understand why not all unfavourable online reviews are created equal, here are some pointers on how to avoid them: 

  • Good service: It should go without saying that good service is essential. Although there is no treatment for regular complainers, most customers appreciate good service and will leave a positive review. 
  • Perfect timing: Customers who have already received their order are more inclined to submit a review. One to two days following delivery is the ideal time to send customers a review e-mail. 
  • Clarity: Customise the colours, graphics, and language on your review invitations to ensure that your online store is easily identifiable.
  • Customers are disappointed when the things given do not meet their expectations. Ensure this does not occur by include enough information on the product page, such as a product description, photographs, product reviews, and/or a FAQs section. 
  • Accessibility: If you can resolve a dispute with a customer over the phone or via email, they are significantly less likely to vent their frustrations in a poor review. Ensure that your contact information is easily accessible throughout your website.

Using Negative Reviews to Your Advantage 

So now we know how to both avoid and respond to poor Shopify reviews. It’s important to remember that there are good negative reviews out there, and that you may use them to your advantage. 

Your store may provide the best prices, the fastest delivery, and the best customer service. However, if a certain product is repeatedly reviewed in a negative light, it reflects poorly on the quality of your store. Pay attention to the bad feedback you receive. If that one product has received terrible feedback, it may be time to remove it from your catalogue.

If you’re getting a lot of negative feedback about your customer service, it’s time to conduct a review of your service. These are the kinds of reviews that will hurt your business. Many customers are willing to pay a bit extra for a product if they know the store’s customer service will work with them rather than against them.

Improving Your Shopify Store with ShopFox

Remember that many people will read negative reviews to get a genuine picture of a product or a shop’s services. Some issues are inescapable, but others can be addressed. Most potential customers will notice if you reply correctly if you’re a company that does things the right way, especially when things go wrong.

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