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As a Shopify merchant or an eCommerce salesperson, you’ll know well that the best resources to help you grow can be hard to find, and the plethora of tips, tools and ‘best ways’ to enhance your current store can appear overwhelming and contradictory at times.

Beyond the confusion and masses of information, there are however some well-curated articles and blogs to help you find the clearest information that will bring value to your business and Shopify store.

The Shopify Blog

This may seem like an obvious choice, but Shopify’s own blog is written by the team who know the product best. Generously, they provide not just some of their best practices for using their platform, but business inspiration and ideas for you to try out.

They also regularly provide a wealth of information regarding different industries, so their blog is definitely one to keep an eye on as there’s a good chance the golden article on your industry could appear and contain gems of inspiration and best practices for you to grow your online Shopify store.

You can visit their blog here.


Zendesk runs a chat system allowing businesses to connect with their customers on their website in real time. Building a product around customer relations means that Zendesk has some of the best knowledge on customer service, and they don’t hide that knowledge when writing their articles.

Zendesk knows that building relations between you and your customers is key, which is why their articles regularly look at building loyalty, trust, and a smooth customer experience for businesses online, and most articles have great takeaways that can easily be implemented in your Shopify store.

You can find their blog here.


The popular inbound sales platform HubSpot is a sacred blog to many eCommerce stores due to its variety in article content and broad range of topics covered, meaning there are articles for everyone.

With HubSpot’s speciality being sales and lead generation, their articles regularly tie into this field. Alongside their invaluable blog, HubSpot also offers a variety of free tools and services to help merchants, such as their CRM system, which is widely regarded by many as the best on the market.

The HubSpot blog can be found at this link.


Moz are one of the leading online companies in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is the process of making improvements to your website and its content to help rank higher in search engine result pages, or SERPs for short.

Better rankings on Google is a goal for most eCommerce and Shopify storefront owners, and therefore consistently checking an SEO-expert’s blog would seem like a good thing to do! Tips for helping your store rank better over time are simply put in Moz’s articles, making the technical aspects of S   EO easily accessible for even non-technical merchants.

Read up on their blog here.

Wix eCommerce

Wix will be a familiar name to many business owners as it’s a popular platform used to build websites and businesses online. Their blog is often overlooked by some, though, which is a shame, because their content covers a range of topics across the eCommerce spectrum, from technical aspects regarding the design of websites and online shops, to optimizing the content on the stores themselves.

The Wix blog is definitely one we keep going back to.


We might be a bit biased, but we think the ShopFox blog provides some top-notch reporting on news related to Shopify, how-to articles and step-by-step guides to grow your traffic and increase conversions for your store. Because it’s 100% focussed on Shopify, you’ll get specific advice that you can’t find on the more generic eCommerce or SEO-related blogs.

Visit the blog here.

These blogs are ones you should be checking on a regular basis so that you’re up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in eCommerce. Test out some of the tips mentioned in them on your Shopify store and see how it works for your business. Let us know in the comments section below if we’ve missed your favorite Shopify-related blog!

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