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Reading through countless forum posts, blog articles and watching various YouTube videos with the goal of building and growing your Shopify store can at times be tedious. Self-teaching can bring multiple new angles for you to explore when building your experience, but there’s one medium of self-teaching that is regularly overlooked; podcasts.

Ask anybody how then learn new things online, and their answer will almost certainly contain the forms mentioned above – videos, books and articles – all requiring you to look and focus intently.

Podcasts allow you to listen and learn whilst simultaneously getting on with your daily duties, whether it’s driving, picking & packing orders, or doing chores at home after work. And above all, every podcast is unique. Some are long and serious, others are more relaxed, but they all have the same goal of helping merchants and eCommerce salespeople alike to grow their business online.

Shopify Podcasts

One of the more obvious places to begin would be with Shopify themselves, who many do not know run podcasts. ‘Shopify Masters’ is one of their more popular podcast series that looks at the wider spectrum of how to become more knowledgeable in the online eCommerce markets,

Topics include looking at ways to build brand awareness for your business and your storefront to hearing the stories and tips of entrepreneurs who have grown their brands to revenue powerhouses.

There are regular appearances of noteworthy names from a plethora of industries in the episodes who help make the Shopify Masters podcast an easy listen any time of day.


The Mixergy podcast is a must for merchants aiming for the bigger picture and who wish to learn more about the ins and outs of both their industry, and others.

The episodes in the podcast look at various case studies on businesses and share a wealth of information from business owners which help merchants to understand that any approach to business can be a success if they put their heads to it.

Nerd Marketing

Although the name of this podcast screams marketing, this is not the sole purpose of the episodes. As with the previous podcasts in this article, entrepreneurs make a regular appearance and share their tips to build their businesses both online and offline, and provide great takeaways for online businesses and Shopify merchants.

Targeted strategies are explained throughout many episodes with the end goal of helping build your eCommerce order value and growth. Marketing is touched upon in almost every episode though, so if you want to grow your knowledge in that area, Nerd Marketing could be for you.

eCommerce Fuel

If you’re a merchant who is looking to scale up your business, then eCommerce Fuel is likely to be a perfect podcast. The podcasts is primarily aimed at merchants who already have a fairly established storefront, but acknowledges that smaller businesses are listening in and therefore tailors sections of the content to everyone.

Growing your eCommerce store is the emphasis though throughout, and the level of takeaways is high too so you can be assured that each episode will provide you with something new.

How I Built This

For story lovers, the How I Built This podcast is a go to. This podcast helps entrepreneurs to show that other people were going through the same hardships as them when they started their business, which makes this podcast a great one for those who are in the initial growth stages. The selling point to this podcast is – unlike the others listed above – that it focuses heavily on the story and journey of the entrepreneur rather than the tactic and strategy used to get there. That makes this podcast perfect for those who want a more relaxed, informal episode to listen to.

It’s produced by NPR and has a top-notch production quality and extremely high-profile guests. In fact, the guest of a recent episode was Shopify founder Tobi Lütke himself – a great first episode to listen to if you’ve never tuned into the How I Built This podcast, and a trove of amazing details on the story of Shopify’s growth as a platform.

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

As the name suggests, the Unofficial Shopify Podcast focuses 100% on Shopify. It’s run by Kurt Elster, who is a seasoned Shopify consultant. On the podcast, he discusses growth strategies, reviews popular apps, shares lessons learned from his meta-level view of consulting multiple Shopify merchants, and interviews store owners who have found success in their niche. It’s really inspiring to listen to the success stories of Shopify merchants who’ve “made it” and learn from their experience of how they got there.

We’d love to know what other podcasts you listed to as Shopify merchants. Hopefully the podcasts listed above are a new way for you to explore your ideas and learn from the journey of other entrepreneurs like yourself.