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Lead generation is for many seen as a highly labour intensive and repetitive process, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Your Shopify store is the perfect platform that lends itself to automated lead generation, meaning your quality leads are generated automatically from customers visiting your store whilst you focus more on what matters to you most.

Callback buttons are a feature on many successful shopfronts that enable customers to do exactly that and request you call them back – it’s a direct signal that they’re a highly engaged customer with high intent to purchase from your store, but still have a question before hitting that “Buy now” button.

Callback buttons helps to massively increase conversion rates as there is little that a potential customer needs to actually do… they enter their phone number and that’s it, they simply await your call back – they don’t even need to dial your number.

One of the apps offering to add such a callback button to your storefront is aptly-named “Callback Button” and can be installed from the Shopify app store.

Along with being highly customisable, it’s available 24/7 on your Shopify store, and customers can request to be called back outside of your business operating hours, which in turn helps reduce abandonment rates and increase the number of quality leads you’re generating through your Shopify store. In contrast to adding a phone number to your store, a callback button gives you the ability to manage your time effectively and decide all by yourself when you want to give your customer a call. It takes the pressure out of having to be available to pick up the phone to answer customer calls all around the clock, as customers may be visiting your store from many different time zones.

Prospective customers regularly get tired of repeatably entering their details into various different form fields or explaining their request in writing (such as when contacting you via your contact form), which is why a call back button works so well – as mentioned earlier, a single phone number is all that’s needed.

A bonus to many merchants is the ability to add callback buttons to their store without the need to edit any code, which makes installation much simpler and accessible to many. If you decide you don’t like the callback button for whatever reason, uninstalling it from your storefront is a one-click process too.

Callback Button on a sample store

Check out the Callback App in action on this sample store. The button appears on all product pages and can be configured to either show up as a floating action button in the bottom right corner – so that it’s always available to customers, even if they’re scrolling down your page – or as an additional button below your “Add to cart” button.

The app can be customized to match the design of your store. You can decide whether you want your customers to be able to request to be contacted via phone, text message, or WhatsApp, and if they’re required to enter their email address so you have more ways of contacting them.

Callback Button customization options

Callback Button is GDPR compliant – it will automatically adapt to showing your privacy policy to customers who browse your store from Europe.


If you’re a Shopify merchant who is keen to generate more leads with minimal input, then adding callback button is a no-brainer. Not having one and instead only listing your shops phone number will lose out on possible leads outside of your business hours.

You can try out Callback Button for free here.