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How effective are your product descriptions? Are they boring and forgettable, or do they sell the products on your website to potential buyers? Bad product descriptions can be a huge reason why visitors leave without purchasing anything.

Many businesses don’t put much effort into their copy for this section of the site because it is difficult to quantify its impact on conversion rates. However, evidence from an ecommerce study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group shows that 20% of unsuccessful purchases are due to lack of information about the product.

This blog post will teach you how to write effective shopify product descriptions and titles that convert.

Writing Product Descriptions That Sell on Shopify

The first step is to describe your product in a way that uses effective words and language. 

You should include the following key points: what benefits does this product offer? What will it do for me or my business, and why would I want this particular item over another similar one on your site? How can you make the description as compelling as possible to turn visitors into buyers?

And finally, how are you different from the competition when describing products online without using jargon or buzzwords that nobody understands anymore thanks to being used so often by businesses trying to bring attention back their websites through Google search results. 

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Analysing a Shopify Product Descriptions – What Works?

Now let’s look at an example of effective copywriting for shopify products samples taken from Shopify itself.

“This is a great business opportunity that allows you to sell digital products on the web and make money from them.”

Effective words here include “great,” “allows you,” and of course the name of the product itself! The copywriters at Shopify use effective language throughout this short description by focusing not only on what their site offers but also why it’s better than other options out there. In terms of describing an effective shopify product page title, they have placed effective keywords such as ‘digital’, ‘business’ and ‘opportunity’. This will give any visitor searching online about these topics a compelling reason to click on the Shopify website and check out their product.

Knowing how to write effective shopify product descriptions will help you convert more visitors into customers with minimal effort on your part. Search engines such as Google love effective content that uses keywords in a strategic way – after all, this is what gives them quality results when someone is searching for something online.

By using effective language with your shopify product descriptions and titles, you can turn more visitors into customers who purchase from your site.

What To Avoid in Shopify Product Descriptions

Now let’s take a look at what not to do when writing effective product descriptions.

“Do you want your shopify store to be successful? This is the only Shopify theme that will guarantee it for you.”

Avoid words like ‘only’, as they can come across as desperate and appear spammy. Using an exclamation mark in effective copywriting makes visitors think less of your brand, so avoid this punctuation too! Finally, using jargon or buzzwords on your site might seem clever but more often than not they are simply annoying. No one likes reading ‘shopify’ every time someone talks about their website online – instead use clear language throughout all of your content if possible so people know exactly what kind of products you have to offer.

Avoiding these mistakes will help your effective copywriting shine when writing product descriptions and titles that convert.

Converting Visitors to Customers on Shopify with ShopFox

At ShopFox, we continually work to develop Shopify apps that work in tandem with a well-build Shopify store to increase your storefront’s conversions and efficiency.

If you’re looking to improve how your Shopify store works beyond the on-page copy you’ve written, please reach out to us – we’d be more than happy to give a helping hand. Drop us an email or fire up a live chat on our website for a super-speedy response.

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