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Every year, fake, fraudulent and counterfeit websites are popping up by the thousands. This is a sad reality.

It’s important to know the signs that a fake shop is offering, as a shopper. You should avoid these items if you are a legitimate business owner. Shoppers might be looking for these clues. Let’s take a look at the red flags that shoppers should be aware of.

Your Shopify Prices are Too Low

It’s true what they say, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. This lesson has probably been learned by most of us at one time or another. However, we all need to remind ourselves of the timeless rule of thumb from time to time.

Our first piece of advice is to trust your gut instincts, even if something seems suspicious. Do not let your penny-pinching mind get the better of you. What about shop owners? This is a lesson for shop owners about pricing. Overly discounting your products could have the opposite effect you intended. It might be a fake or counterfeit product that users think it is. Your entire website could be a fraud if your prices appear too low!

Sending an email to your newsletter subscribers is a great way to tell your customers about an amazing sale. You can announce it on your social media. It might be a good idea to give them a reason why they are getting such a big discount, for example “we’re clearing inventory for next-year’s model”.

Missing Contact Information

This is a sign that there is something wrong with the shop. You might consider avoiding a website whose email address isn’t professional. Authentic websites will typically include their domain in the email address. They usually won’t use Hotmail or Yahoo as their primary contact information, unless they are a small store or start-up.

This is also true for missing contact information. Your footer should link your offices and contact information. It is ideal to be able find it in your online shop (e.g. Your phone number. If you want to make a lasting impression, it is worth creating an About Us page. This page can be a great way to build trust.)

Poor English and Grammar

Many of these fake websites can be found outside of English-speaking countries. It is important to carefully read their websites.

Although a website may look beautiful, it could be indicative of a company’s main goal to scam you. An international brand that is successful will spend a lot of money on a translator, because localising your website for international markets can be very important.

While mistakes are bound to occur, you will want to minimise them.

Acceptable Payment Types and Return Policies 

If a website does not accept debit or credit cards, be careful. Credit card companies have whole departments that deal with fraudulent companies. If the shop asks for money orders or wire transfer payments, it is much more difficult to get your money back, especially if you find out that you have been a victim of fraud.

Shop owners, you must keep up with the times. To have great conversion rates, it is important to have the right payment options. PayPal and most major credit cards are very popular. You will find that most markets offer a preferred payment option. If you are selling in multiple countries, make sure to research each one.

And with return policies, although you might not read all the fine print when shopping online, many people are.

The policies may not only contain grammatical mistakes, but they might also be unclear, vague, or non-existent. You can email them if you are unable to find the section you need or don’t understand any portion of the return policy. Avoid this shop if the answer is unclear or vague.

How ShopFox Can Help Grow Your Shopify Store

Online shopping is a risky business, especially during holiday season. Shoppers will always be looking for the perfect deal, and they are constantly searching for it. You can avoid scammers by following the tips above.

These tips will help you if you are a seller. A professional, responsive web site is invaluable not only for aesthetics but also for SEO purposes and building trust which is crucial during this time of the year.

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