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B2B eCommerce is becoming increasingly popular. B2B buyers and purchasers who have grown up with the internet at their fingertips are more likely than ever before to need your help. A simplified B2B order management procedure is important in order to serve this new group of buyers.

B2B Sales are More Complex

The average B2B online sale is more complicated than the average B2C online sale. They frequently have a greater client acquisition cost, as well as a significantly longer average purchase cycle. 

Your Shopify business may increase its efficiency and overcome the obstacles connected with B2B order management by combining online order management software with best practise workflows and a sound strategy.

What is B2B Order Management?

The process of tracking orders placed by your company’s clients and handling the necessary fulfilment processes for them is known as B2B order management. 

Any platform, tool, or system that is used to centralise and track orders, inventory levels, and shipments is referred to as an order management system. There are five common forms of order management systems: 

  • The backend of your eCommerce Shopify store. 
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Order management software that runs on its own. 
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.
  • Platforms for retail and B2B activities.

How B2B Order Management Can Help You

Effective B2B order management solutions can help you overcome issues by removing much of the manual grunt work from your hands, freeing you up to focus on exceptions and your front-of-house strategy.

The best B2B order management software enables you to implement multichannel or omnichannel strategy in your company.  This means you may take orders wherever your customers are browsing and purchasing, and process them according to your own procedures.

This will save time for both you and your customers by decreasing the conventional back-and-forth that occurs between you, such as inventory management, order creation and updates, and payment processing.

Do You Need Improved B2B Order Management?

For your Shopify business, B2B may deliver a huge market opportunity. Supporting this type of customer and their increasingly high requirements on the other hand, comes with its own set of difficulties.  

You’ll be more likely to cut costs while increasing income if you use streamlined procedures and the correct technology to support not only your B2B transactions but all of the operations after the buy button. 

At Shopfox, we’ve developed a range of Shopify apps designed to improve the efficiency of your Shopify store.

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FraudBlock – Goodbye fraud and refund fees, hello more free time!

AutoSync for Square – Automation for your Shopify and Square inventories. Simple.