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Some of the things that online shop owners talk about most often are how to increase conversion rates, sales, and online visibility. What are the most important things that online stores should do to make more money? What makes people successful? We’ve found some top ways to help you make more money and get more people to visit your website. 

Target a Niche Audience

Your products should reach a niche market, if possible. In a high street store, it can be hard to reach these kinds of customers. Depending on the business, they can be very picky. But if you can get this audience to stick with you, they can also be very loyal and willing to spend money. 

It can be hard to build connections and relationships with a niche audience, but it is worth the effort. Everything on your website, from the words you use to the pictures of the products, should be about this group. In this case, branding can be very important. But making a buyer persona is the first step to help you figure out who your audience is.

Build Traffic to Your Shopify Store

Getting your online shop seen by more people is very important to its success. In the real world, most business owners agree that your shop’s success depends on three things: location, location, and location. 

In the real world, foot traffic is very important. But things are a little different in the digital world. You can sort of make your own “location” by making sure people can find your site. But this will take some planning and work on your part. 

Using the right marketing techniques will help you get more people to visit your online shop. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) might be the most important strategy (SEO). But PPC, email marketing, partner programmes, and public relations actions are also important strategies.

Improve Shopify Conversion Rate Optimisation

So many things can affect a user’s decision to buy something. Also important is how they feel when they use your site. People have been able to shop online for more than 20 years. Because of this, customers have grown used to certain features that are almost always present now. 

Almost every good online shopping experience includes good navigation and breadcrumbs. Your offer should be clear, with no hidden costs. It should also be easy to search for things and give people access to legal pages. 

Every once in a while, you should go through the customer journey on your website. Make sure that making a purchase is easy and that there are no extra pages or steps, especially in the checkout process. 

Look at the pages for your products. Is there enough information on the page for the customer to make an informed choice? Are there enough pictures of the goods? Do you show reviews of your products? Do your product descriptions give users the information they want?

Always Focus on Customer Service!

These days, good customer service goes a long way. This can help you in a lot of different ways. For example, if a user has a good experience with customer service, they will remember that the next time they want to buy something similar. 

At some point, we’ve all been customers. When customer service is easy, quick, and helpful, it’s a big relief and something that sticks with you. 

If you give good customer service, you might also get good reviews. On top of that, they may also cause negative reviews to be changed, which is another way to build trust. 

Aside from customer service, you should make sure your logistics provider is working well. Don’t be late with your products (as was communicated through your website). 

Give information about the status of shipping and how to make a return. If you don’t, your customer might not come back to your website, and other possible customers might not either. Customers are completely happy when they get extra services like a money-back guarantee and great customer service.

A Helping Hand from ShopFox

There are a lot of different things that affect how well an online shop does. To increase conversions, it’s important to keep an overview of your website and the customer’s journey, as well as to use technical strategies like SEO. 

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