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ERP and CRM systems, supply management, inventory, and warehousing: One of the most critical aspects of a company’s growth is logistics, especially if you run an online Shopify store. Although we may believe that everything is going according to plan, the dynamics of our tools alter from time to time, necessitating the continual improvement of your abilities, methods, and knowledge.

Why should your online store’s logistical operations be optimised? More conversions are the result of good management. You’ll find out why in the next paragraphs.

Consider Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are software and technology-based systems for managing a company’s resources, often in real-time. It is used to gather data from a variety of sources so that the system can perform activities depending on it. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are frequently used by online stores with a limited product selection, primarily to improve customer relationship management. 

Smaller shops will use the shop-software that the store is based on, such as Shopify or Woo-commerce (some have more advanced functions than others) or they will purchase additional, smaller systems to help them stay organised for other things, such as shipment of goods, inventory control, and payments.

The combination of an ERP system and sales software makes it much easier to automate your company’s procedures and keep track of them at all times. The more functionalities your system has, the more procedures it can handle, particularly when it comes to logistics.

Make Sure Products are Available

You’ve probably heard something along these lines: acquiring new customers costs 7-10 times as much as keeping existing ones? With this in mind, double-check that a product’s availability on your website corresponds to the real supply in your warehouse. 

Order cancellations are common as a result of extended or delayed delivery timeframes, and a consumer will almost certainly not purchase with you again in the future. And every customer is priceless, especially when you’re just starting out with your business. Don’t let bad inventory management drive them to flee to your competitors!

Choose the Right Logistics for Your Store

Every online retailer has learned the value of going the extra mile. When it comes to going the extra mile, it’s important to consider the location of your business. Your warehouse’s location might have a significant impact on the efficiency of your deliveries. In order to deliver products more efficiently, warehouses are increasingly being situated closer to urban centres, or even in cities. 

You have numerous logistical options, including your own warehouse, dropshipping, fulfilment, and just-in-time delivery.

Give Customers Choices

When it comes to the last mile, a reliable delivery in your business is essential. Your image will also be influenced by the delivery’s timing and condition upon arrival. 

Although affordability is usually the most important consideration for selecting a delivery company (especially in the early stages of starting an online store), it is worthwhile to provide your customers with a variety of delivery options. 

Customers who shop online frequently have strong feelings regarding shipping businesses. They may decide to buy the product elsewhere if they find that you don’t offer their preferred option(s). Why? If your chosen logistics firm can’t assure them rapid, dependable, and safe delivery, they’ll look at what your competitors have to offer.


When it comes to running a Shopify store, one of the most difficult concerns is logistics. Management of your warehousing and delivery processes can have a big impact on your image and conversion rates, especially if you receive negative feedback as a result of them. So don’t be afraid of new technologies and management approaches; you should use them to your advantage so you don’t have to spend as much time on little tasks. 

While we may and should learn from our mistakes, modern technologies enable us to notice them sooner and improve our procedures. It will also benefit you in more ways than one if it improves the consumer experience.

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