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Many small businesses buy their goods from wholesalers and then sell them directly to customers. It’s a very common way to run a business. If you keep an eye on your competitors, you’ve probably seen other stores that sell the same things you do. 

Even if your business is doing well (for now), you can’t help but wonder what you can do to set yourself apart from others who sell the same products as you. 

Some of these competitors have an advantage because they can sell their products on popular sites like Amazon and eBay. Design-wise, you might not be the best. If prices go down, it could give others an edge. So how can you make your store stand out? The important thing is to look at the specific things that can set shops apart from each other.

Pricing Your Sales

Even though this may seem pretty obvious, it’s worth thinking about how to change the prices here. Prices that are lower or on sale are always a good way to sell more, but this strategy might not work in the long run. 

Competitive Pricing. Again, this advice is based on the fact that you sell the same products as your competitors. So it probably makes sense for many shops to use a competitive pricing strategy. 

A competitive pricing strategy means that your prices will be in the same range as those of your competitors, instead of being based on business costs and profit margins. You won’t want to go too high or too low based on what your competitors are doing, so it makes sense to stay in a certain range. 

But if you’re just starting a business, you might want to start out with lower prices than your competitors.


There are a lot of people who sell good products online. Prices don’t have to be the only way to make your shop stand out. 

Another way to stand out is to make your shop easier to use than others. Convenience is such a broad word that it could be used in a hundred different ways. What does it mean here? 

Some examples of this would be to give more ways to pay. If you sell overseas, you should find out what the most popular way to pay is in that market and do your best to make it available for those domains. 

In addition to the ways to pay, you can point out where your warehouse is to show that you have quick delivery times. 

Showing where your warehouse is could also help you sell more to local people who want to be more eco-friendly. Most of the time, it’s good for a business to be seen as green, don’t you think?

Customer Service

You want your customers to know that if anything goes wrong, your customer service team will be there to help them fix the problem as quickly and easily as possible. 


Things can break, go wrong, be late, and so on. Everyone knows that this kind of thing can happen to anyone, even the most well-known brands. 

So, if you are proud of how you treat your customers, let them know you are there for them. You might want to add a chatbot so customers know they can always talk to “someone.” 

You could put a note in the sidebar telling people that if they contact you, you’ll get back to them within 24 hours.

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