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Whether you’ve just opened Shopify store or are thinking about a redesign, it’s important to choose the right colours for your web design. After all, they need to fit with your brand’s image, show what your brand stands for, and stand out from the rest. 

How can the right colours get people to buy things from your online store? Which colours match your brand and your online store? In this article, we’ll show you how to use the right colours on your website to get more people to buy from your online store.

Colours Reflect Your Brand

Colours are an important part of your marketing identity, just like your logo or the name of your company. Sometimes, all it takes to recognise the brands that go with a word or an emoji is that word or emoji. 

In the same way, colours are an important part of your brand. By the way, you can tell what brand something is just by its colour(s) and a quote or symbol that goes with it. 

The way your website looks not only shows who you are as a brand, but also affects the first impression people have of your brand. You probably already know that the first impression is the most important, especially in online shopping.

Using the right mix of colours to attract potential buyers is a smart move that will pay off and should be an important part of your conversion funnel.

Different Colours and Their Meanings

As we’ve already seen, picking the right colours has a big effect on how potential customers see your brand.  First, you have to decide what your brand’s goal is and what message you want to send.  Knowing how different colours make people feel can help you choose the right colours for your online shop. 

To give you a general idea, let’s look at what two cold colours and two warm colours mean. 


Blue is the colour that is used the most on websites. It usually stands for safety and trust. Finance, insurance, aviation, technology, and health are all fields that often use blue. 


This colour makes you feel calm and reminds you of nature and peace. Green is often used in the energy, ecology, agriculture, home, gardening, and other fields. 


Using this colour makes your message or corporate identity stand out and gives it energy. Also, it is the colour of love. But don’t use too many red colours if you don’t want to overwhelm people with attention.  Red is often used in industries like food, technology, the auto industry, etc. 


When people think of the colour yellow, they often think of hope, optimism, light, or creativity. Yellow is a colour that makes you feel confident and full of energy.  Yellow is often used in the food service, energy, and home industries. 

In general, you should remember that cold colours make you think of calm and peace, while warm colours make you think of things like passion and energy. 

Choosing the right colours for your website isn’t easy, and you should think about more than just how they make people feel.

A Helping Hand from ShopFox

If you choose the right colours for your website, you can connect with your customers at different points in their customer journey. 

Potential customers will be more likely to remember your brand in the future if your website has an original and colourful graphic charter. 

Think about how you want your brand to make people feel and use colours, brightness, and contrast in a smart way.

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