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Shopping online is a global phenomenon. Shopify stores are no exception to this rule. In fact, Shopify store owners have the potential for exponential growth in 2022 if they make a few marketing adjustments. The Shopify app has many powerful tools and features that can help you grow your Shopify store, but these three strategies will start you off on the right foot: 

– SMS marketing is instantaneous and incredibly cost effective 

– Email marketing has been around since the 1990s and remains just as popular today 

– Getting your Shopify store mentioned in media outlets such as best stores for personalised Valentines gifts or gift ideas for him/her with some behind the scenes guidance from a PR expert or Shopify Partner will help you generate interest in your store and increase sales.

SMS Marketing for Shopify – Reach Your Customers… Instantly!

SMS marketing is powerful and instant. Shopify store owners can take advantage of this Shopify app to reach customers, even when they are offline. SMS marketing works because of just how popular mobile phones are in modern times, and how even if people are out and about with no internet connection, they are likely to still have a phone connection to receive your offers the moment they are sent out.  Shopify store owners can even resend their SMS marketing messages later on to customers who might have missed the initial delivery.

The best way to get the attention of your customers is by providing them with valuable information. If they’re interested, you can provide daily messages about all their updates and special promotions; however if not then just send out select notices about major sales events like big product releases or new products coming soon.

Shopify Email Marketing – Customers Still Love It!

When it comes to email marketing Shopify stores should take advantage of this app in order to build a solid customer relationship with an already existing base of loyal shoppers by sending them targeted emails at key times during the year when they’ll be most interested in spending money or buying from you again. Email marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon because people love getting mail they find interesting and relevant straight into their inboxes without having to go looking for it. Shopify store owners can use automated emails to send out newsletters about new products, special promotions and discounts on your Shopify store’s top selling items.

Customers often feel a stronger connection with the Shopify stores they have established some sort of relationship with through email marketing by receiving regular updates from them rather than having to go looking for information themselves which is why Shopify app marketers should always take advantage of this feature in order to help their Shopify stores grow exponentially.

Email marketing is a great way to grow customer loyalty. You can personalise your emails by taking into account what the customers’ interests may be, and feature products they have purchased in the past on your Shopify store so that you remind them about it every now and then.

We know from experience how important this little touch really was when building up new relationships, not just with potential clients but also friends or family members as well for all sorts of different reasons. You should know that if you want your businesses (online AND off!) to continue thriving long-term then humanising will always remain an integral part.

Getting Your Shopify Store Mentioned In Newsletters And Media Outlets

Shoppers these days are more interested in online storefronts that have been recommended or mentioned somewhere else such as media outlets like magazines, newspapers or popular blogs – so getting your Shopify store mentioned in places like that can definitely help you grow your Shopify store.

Having a Shopify app marketing agency or Shopify Partner to handle all of these outreach efforts for you will decrease the time it takes for this process by quite a bit and also give you more time back to focus on what really matters: growing and managing your Shopify business.

If customers see their favourite brands featured somewhere, they’ll be much more likely to look into them because they know those companies are already popular enough – so make sure your brand is included too!

Being featured in a gift guide can be difficult and time consuming, but it’s an opportunity not many businesses get. The process starts by submitting your company information through HARO or other means such as paying for sponsored posts to gain priority access with journalists looking for sources who offer products they might cover within their publication at any given moment of year (Christmas being one). You should make sure that whatever content you provide would interest these media outlets before pitching them on using anything from review copies all the way up until ultimately publishing deadlines come around again next December.

For the holiday period, or other key holidays throughout the year, another option is to do a Google search of past holiday gift guides from your preferred publication and email the journalist. But start early! Journalists begin compiling these lists in August or September.

Build Engagement on Shopify Throughout the Year

Investing in human connections with your customers during the year is key to cultivating long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction, during all phases (holidays included) if you want them return for more purchases. 

If you’re looking to improve how your Shopify store throughout 2022, please reach out to us – we’d be more than happy to give a helping hand. Drop us an email or fire up a live chat on our website for a super-speedy response.

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